Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Another year, another relaunch

Hello. This is Greg, aka @grogg, formerly of Lake Effect Cards and Nearly Mint (at wordpress). I'm starting this site as a clean slate for me to discuss topics in more than 140 characters. Primarily I'll use it as a way to track and document my baseball card collection, but I'll likely touch on records and other things, too.

One thing that I enjoy doing is making galleries of sets so that I can see what I own without digging my cards out of the closet. You'll find these galleries on the right side, along with the standard wantslists and blogrolls you've come to expect from blogs of this ilk. I also hope to develop a few regular feature ideas I have floating around in my head, as we all know that it's easier to blog when you have a set idea to expound on.

As my friend @giantspod put it, this has been my "hey guys, I'm really going to post here" post. Now comes the hard part. Posting here.

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